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Frequently Asked Questions

What is P.D.R. (Paintless Dent Removal)?

P.D.R. is an innovative method of eliminating bumps that have been caused by heavy hail or parking accidents. Our technique involves special equipment and eliminates bumps in a short time. To achieve this, we illuminate the damaged area with a special light and treat its inner - or outer side with dedicated tools, to restore it to its primary condition, without damaging the colour.
Will this procedure affect the colour of my vehicle?
Not at all. P.D.R. technique does not affect the colour of your vehicle.

What are the advantages of P.D.R.?
Here are the most important advantages of P.D.R.:

for a medium-size bump, a conventional body work shop would require a couple of days. With the P.D.R. method, your vehicle will be ready within a couple of hours.
P.D.R. method costs approximately 30-50% less than the conventional methods
without affecting the factory paint or its guarantee
since the factory paint is not affected and no grouting has been applied
no paint, grouting and other chemical substances are used during P.D.R. treatment, only special tooling.

How much time is required to repair a bump using P.D.R.?

The whole procedure can last from 10 minutes up to 2 hours, for a medium size bump. It is economical and avoids forging, grouting and painting, which usually create colour differentiation.

P.D.R. method is addressed to..

  • Individuals
  • Car dealers
  • Car rental companies
  • Used car dealers